Arrow End Table - DIY

I saw this table online recently, these run for around $100+, and I thought there was a cheap solution to achieve a similar table. So here's my arrow end table tutorial for less!

You'll Need...
3 Wood Dowels
Paint, in copper
Copper Wire
Large Tin Lid
Baking Clay
E6000 Glue
Contact Paper, in marble

Table Top
Paint the tin lid with the paint of your choosing (if desired) and allow to dry. Using the tin lid as a template lay the lid onto the contact paper of your choosing (if desired) to trace a circle, cut out the outline and stick it onto the top of the lid.

Table Legs
Form the clay onto the ends of the wood dowels shaping one end into an arrow and the other end with the feather (be sure they're all the same length.. around 3 inches long, an inch wide, and a 1/2 inch thick should suffice), carefully remove the clay ends and bake accordingly. Once the clay has cooled attach it back onto the ends of each dowel gluing them securely in place, lay on a flat surface (to align), and allow to dry. Paint the completed dowels (if desired) and allow to dry.

Lay your lid upside down on the floor and arrange the wood dowels accordingly on the inner outer rim of the tin lid. Wrap the copper wire around the center of the dowels (about 3 times or so) to keep them bundled in place. Once the dowels are arranged in place take a good amount of glue, attach the arrows onto the lid and allow to dry. Turn your table right side up, add a bit of glue to the center of the dowels (inside the copper wire) to add a bit more security. You can also add a bit of copper paint over the copper wire if it isn't matching.

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